Emotional Advice for Men in Relationships with Women

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Creating a healthy emotional bond with someone who is special to you can be very daunting especially if you are a man. There has never been a healthy conversation about how men can build a healthy emotional connection with a woman. Instead, the conversation around emotions was always left to the women, and the men were mostly asked to maintain their tough exterior as it preserved their masculinity. 

Masculinity and Femininity are just categorizations under the human condition. Both are susceptible to emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Hence, it is not fair that true femininity is judged by overindulgence in emotions and masculinity is judged by no indulgence in emotions at all. A healthy balance should be struck by both. 

If you are a man and seek some emotional advice on how you can have a more fulfilling, healthy relationship with your female partner, then stick around to find out! 

Some Emotional Advice For Men


One of the best ways you can establish a strong emotional connection with your partner is through honest communication. When you engage in communication where you are expressing your needs, thoughts, feelings, and emotions, your partner will feel included in your life. This can go a long way in building an emotional connection with them. Partners who hide their emotions or suppress them often find it difficult to connect with their partners authentically. 

Active Listening

A complementary part of open communication is active listening. Along with being an honest communicator, you must also be an active listener. When you are able to pay attention to what your partner is saying without interrupting her, then you will build trust between each other. Your partner will begin trusting you with conversations and will share more often. 


Empathy is being able to step into another person’s shoes and see the situation from their perspective. Most of the time when our partners share something with us (especially if it s distressing news), there is a tendency for the listeners to respond by telling their partners what they would do. This is not helpful because it invalidates the thoughts and feelings of your partner. Instead, you must practice empathy. You must learn to step into your partner’s shoes and respond in ways that will be truly beneficial from her perspective. 

Emotion Regulation

Emotion regulation is a very important emotional skill that must be developed by everyone. Emotion regulation is when you are able to be aware of your own emotions and others emotions and are able to regulate yours and others emotions. Emotion regulation will help you in maintaining your well-being and this can also influence your partner’s well-being in the relationship.  

When in doubt, Just Ask

Many people make the mistake of assuming what their partner is going through and work on the basis of these assumptions. If you want to build a deeper emotional connection with your partner, then don’t assume things. When you are in doubt, just ask your partner. A simple “What can I do to help you?” can go a long way in establishing an emotional connection with your partner because you will give your partner what they actually require. 

Love Language

Every partner has a different love language. Love languages refer to the manner in which people receive and give love. Although there are many love languages, the five main love languages are - physical touch, quality time, gifts, words of affirmation, and acts of service. One of the surefire ways to build a strong emotional connection with your partner is by using love languages. Communicate with them in their love language. Perhaps they like being complimented, so give them frequent compliments. Or maybe they like quality time, so take time out of your busy schedule for them. This way your partner will know that you are attentive to their needs and this will maintain the spark of your relationship. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with building an emotional connection with their partner, share this article with them. Remember it’s never too late to make an improvement in your relationships.

We, at CoupleBees, are here for your support! 

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