5 Things You Should Say To Your Woman In Every Relationship

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Do your Words Matter? 

Yes! Your words matter a lot in a relationship. They can make or break a relationship. It is one of the foundational blocks behind communication in a relationship. Words are helpful in expressing feelings and help in creating a sense of trust in the relationship. Words are useful because when we are careful with them we will be able to bounce back from conflicts, have less intense arguments with our partners and can also use it to show our love and affection from time to time. 

When you use positive words in your relationship you are strengthening the foundation and making your partner feel secure and safe. This will allow you to have a deeper connection with them and can generate a lot of positive emotion for the both of you. Words of affection, appreciation, gratitude, love and reassurance can go a long way in creating a lasting, deep bond between you and your partner. 

5 things you should say to Your Woman 

While your efforts should not be limited to these phrases, these are 5 things you should be saying to your woman from time to time in order to keep the vitality of the relationship alive and healthy. 

  1. “I Love You” - 

This is a powerful phrase of love that must be said to your partner from time to time. If you and your special someone have reached that stage where you feel you love them, don’t hesitate to tell them so! In this fast-paced world it is very normal for one to forget expressing love. That is why it is important to make it a habit to express love to your woman through a simple “I Love You” every night or every morning. Over time this will play a huge role in strengthening your bond and is an indication of a healthy relationship. 

  1. “I Will Support You” - 

This is a phrase of connection. Life’s hustle and bustle can leave one feeling lonely sometimes and telling your woman that you will support them through the tough times will help in building reassurance. It will reduce feelings of loneliness and hopelessness in your partner. If you are supportive of your partner, they will get encouraged to be their best self with you and will not fear judgement. This allows for both of you to become a collaborative unit of people who are resilient. 

  1. “Thank You” - 

A simple phrase of gratitude, regular  Thank You’s can go a long way in making your partner feel seen and heard. When you are appreciative of your woman from time to time, they are going to feel secure in your bond. Gratitude is known to have a boomerang effect, meaning that if you express gratitude and increase positive emotion in another person, you are also going to be feeling positive. This will help you increase your overall well-being as a couple. 

  1. “I’m Sorry” - 

This is another very important phrase that allows you to show to your woman that you are taking accountability for your actions and mistakes. Mistakes and conflicts are inevitable in a relationship. Saying “I’m Sorry” will allow your woman to feel acknowledged and will lead to faster reconciliation after your conflict. When you apologise for your actions you are allowing your anger to be released and this can create a safe space for you and your partner to discuss your feelings, needs and emotions more freely. 

  1. “What’s Been On Your Mind?” - 

While this is not something you should say, this is a phrase you must ask your woman on a regular basis. When you ask your woman how they are or what is on their mind, you are opening the gates for healthy communication to flourish. Such kinds of questions will make you more attentive to your partner’s emotions and thoughts. It will bring you and your woman closer and create strong emotional intimacy. Your woman is going to feel understood, and heard. 

What do these Words Convey? 

If you are wondering why you should convey these words, then read on! 

  1. Loved - 

When you say positive words to your woman, she is going to feel loved. They will feel secure because they are content in the way you express your love for them. If you don’t use positive words a lot in your relationship, your partner will feel confused from time to time and begin worrying about if you really love them or not. 

  1. Appreciated - 

Showcasing gratitude is very important. When you say phrases of gratitude your woman is going to feel seen. She will feel that her efforts are not going wasted and that you value her efforts and presence. 

  1. Empathetic - 

Words of apology convey to your woman that you are ready to see things from their perspective as well. This is called empathy. Your woman is going to feel that you are empathetic and is likely encouraged to share more things with you and be more open with you. 

  1. Supported - 

If you challenge your partner to do better and offer them your support and encouragement, their confidence levels are going to be boosted up. They are going to be motivated throughout the relationship and allow her to be her best self. 

  1. Resilient - 

A very important emotion that is conveyed through regular positive words is resilience. When you say sorry for your mistakes, appreciate them for their efforts, support them in their endeavours, ask them about their day and well-being, you are showing yourself as a resilient individual. This is going to show to your partner that you have the ability to bounce back from tough situations and be present and enjoy the happy situations. 

If you feel that you require more help in making your woman feel loved, appreciated and supported, then feel free to reach out to us!

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