Impact Of Society On Rushing Us Towards Choosing A Partner

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Are you tired of your parents, relatives, and neighbors asking you about your plans regarding marriage and if you have found ‘the one’ for yourself? As soon as most people cross 20, they are bombarded with questions about marriage, and after the mid-20s, you might be forced to go on blind dates with potential partners chosen by your elders, which is rather scary. 

How Does The Society Impact Us?

Humans are social beings who live in societies and these societies impact our lives more than we could imagine. The explicit impact is what we can observe but there are major implicit impacts that ultimately shape our lifestyle. It could affect your choice of outfit, your makeup, the car that you want to buy, where you want to live, your language, what festivals you celebrate and so much more. While societies are meant to be good for us and should impact our life in a positive manner, there are several aspects of our lives that are affected negatively and can lead to devastating consequences. A very common instance of this could be people around us interfering in matters they don t concern them. 

Common things that you might hear them discuss are the ‘biological clock’ and ‘married life is so much more amazing’. They often make you feel like you’re missing out on the fun of marriage and married life. They also remind you of the biological clock, a system that is negatively inclined towards marrying quickly before you pass the ‘childbearing’ age. Choosing a partner for yourself, your life and your marriage should be a discussion between you and your partner with mutual understanding and open conversation, but it is often influenced by people around us. They could rush the process or even try to change the choice you have made for yourself. 

Negative Impact Of Societal Involvement 

All the pressure and influence could lead to: 

  • Choosing the wrong person- which is bad for you and your partner. Choosing the wrong person could be a consequence of you not being able to spend enough time with them to truly figure out them as an individual, their goals, and what they want from the marriage. If these things do not incline, that does not mean that the other person is bad, it simply means that they might not be one for you. 
  • An unhappy relationship- even if you have figured out everything and have managed to find similarities and clarity in the goals that you both have in the limited time that you were provided with, liking someone’s company on a couple of dates is not enough for you to determine whether you can live around them 24/7. This is especially common in India because couples are not allowed to spend a lot of time together and they later figure out that they don t even like being near each other after a certain amount of time which would ultimately lead to the both of you being unhappy. 
  • Wrong timing- you might have to give in to the pressure and let go of the things that truly matter to you, which may further lead to resentment. This is a common case where people often let go of job opportunities and further studies in order to sustain the marriage. 

Choosing a partner and the entire concept of marriage is very near and dear to Indian society and people treat marriages of other people as important as their own. Everyone tries to voice their concerns about matters which are solely related to you, hence other people getting involved and pressuring you to do something you aren t sure about or simply do not wish to do could be stressful. This is not to say that the idea itself is trivial or not of importance. Choosing a partner and getting married is a sacred process that should be done with the consent of the two, main involved parties. It also is extremely difficult to choose a partner with whom you d want to spend your life and this thought is mutual between the two people. It is not something that should be rushed or involve unnecessary people

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