5 Signs you are Official with your Partner

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So you have been with your special someone for a considerable amount of time now. You consistently go out on dates, spend quality time with each other, openly share personal information, and feel happy that they are by your side. But do you know if you are officially a couple?

Here are 5 signs to look out for to see if you have crossed the dating stage and have entered the *official* relationship stage, 


Exclusivity in a relationship means not being afraid of going public with your partner. When you are exclusive, there is no hesitation or fear in openly introducing your partner to your friends and family. If this is the case,  then it is likely that your relationship is official. This is a way to show that you are solely with your partner at the moment and is a step towards greater commitment. 


While exclusivity is going public with your partner, commitment involves a deeper dedication to each other. Commitment is when you decide to invest in a shared future with your partner. If you or your partner are not shying away to look at a future together, then you have committed to each other. This is a huge indication that you are official with your special someone. 

Trust Each Other

A key ingredient for both exclusivity and commitment is trust. Trust is when you believe that you can depend on your partner and that you find security in being with them. It is the foundational element in any relationship and takes time to build. Trust involves treating each other with immense respect and having faith in your partner’s actions and intentions. If your partner is flaky and you fear depending on him, then chances are that you can’t trust him easily. However, if you and your partner trust each other with honesty, then you are official! 

Comfortable with Sharing Personal Space

A huge element of determining if you are in an *official* relationship with your partner is seeing if you are comfortable with sharing your personal space with them. There are many types of personal space. The first is the physical personal space. If you are comfortable with having your partner in your home and don’t find it awkward to live with them, then you can say that you are official with them. Those who are in an official relationship don’t find it uncomfortable to share their living space with their partner. They can go about doing their own thing and let their partner do their own thing, and still feel safe and secure.

Another type of personal space is the emotional personal space. When two people are officially together, they don’t hesitate to share their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. They can exchange personal stories and trust that their partner will listen to and support them. If you find yourself sharing your thoughts, feelings, and emotions with your partner frequently, then you can consider yourself official with them.

The third type of personal space is the intimate space. If you and your partner are able to be intimate with each other while feeling safe, then it is a good sign that you and your partner are in a healthy official relationship. 

Mutual Efforts

Those who are in official relationships don’t fail to put efforts into maintaining the special bond they share. If you or your partner prioritize spending time with each other in the form of dates, doing something you enjoy, or just talking, then you can say that you are headed towards something official!

These are some of the top signs you can look out for to answer the classic “What are we?” question. But remember to have timely discussions with your partner to ensure that you are on the same page as them. A relationship is not a one-sided union, it is a two-sided effort that must be made regularly so that your and your partner’s happiness can be secured. 

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