What are some Ways I can Enhance my Partner Intimacy?

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What is Intimacy? 

Intimacy refers to the ability to have a deep connection with your partner through vulnerability, trust, and respect. It is very important for couples to have healthy intimacy with each other. This creates a feeling of safety and security for the couple.

To understand in basic terms, intimacy is of two kinds:

Emotional Intimacy

Emotional intimacy refers to forming a deep emotional connection with your partner. It allows for a special bond to be created between you and your partner where you can trust them with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. People who have secure emotional intimacy with their partners don’t fear rejection or judgment and are open to discussing wants, needs with their partner. Emotional intimacy helps partners be more empathetic with each other. 

Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy refers to forming a deep physical connection with your partner. A physical connection does not always have to mean sex, it can mean other non-sexual touches like holding hands, cuddling, caressing each other, resting your head on their shoulder, etc. Physical intimacy is almost always a result of emotional intimacy where these two components are interconnected to each other. It is very important to maintain physical intimacy because it helps in releasing the love hormone (oxytocin) that brings you closer to your partner. 

Why is Intimacy important in a Relationship? 

Intimacy is extremely important in a relationship. It helps in deciding the longevity and the health of your relationship. Those who have secure intimacy with their partners last longer in the relationship and experience an elevated level of well-being overall. On the other hand, those who don’t have secure intimacy in their relationship are likely to experience an excess of negative emotions like anxiety, apprehension, sadness, etc. Along with this, they are also going to live in complete disconnection with their partner which can cause a lot of frustration and resentment to build up. This is why it is very important to engage in activities that preserve and enhance intimacy in your relationship. 

What are some ways I can Enhance my Partner s Intimacy?

Have you felt like you and your partner have lost your spark? Perhaps you or your partner are overly occupied with thoughts? Perhaps you are noticing that something is “off” with them and are wondering what you can do. 

It is very normal for intimacy levels to fluctuate throughout the course of your relationship, but you must never leave it unattended. Here are some ways in which you can enhance your partner’s lost intimacy, 

Be Honest with Them

The first thing you must do is, to be honest with your partner. You must explain to them clearly what it is that you are feeling and express all your emotions, wants, and needs in the open. This will make your partner aware of the situation so you can later focus on resolving it. 

Ask Them Questions
    Next is to ask them questions about how they are feeling and what their wants and needs are. You must encourage your partner to openly discuss their wants and needs with you. Show interest in wanting to know their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This way your partner will know that you are understanding and will slowly open up to you. 

Make Plans Together

One of the ways in which intimacy depletes a relationship is when couples don’t take time out for each other. This is why it is important that at least once a week you must ensure that you and your partner do something together. This can range from taking a hobby class together, or just having regular movie nights over the weekend. When you experience activities together you are unlocking a new level of vulnerability with your partner and this is going to restore the lost intimacy. 

Show them Affection

When we are caught up with our busy routines we often forget to show affection to our partners. Show gratitude to them, thank them for doing what they can. Shower them with regular compliments. Showing affection will give positive reinforcement to your partner to continue doing what they have been doing. When your partner feels content and satisfied, it is going to add positivity to the environment. 

Be Empathetic

It is very important to be empathetic to your partner. You must place yourself in your partner’s shoes from time to properly understand how they are feeling. If they are going through a hard time personally then offer your support to them and encourage them to open up to you to feel lighter. When you are empathetic to your partner, you are showcasing that you can handle them being vulnerable to you and they are more likely to open up to you. 

Seek Professional Help

If the above tips haven’t helped you and your partner to a great extent, don’t worry. There is always help. You and your partner can seek out a Relationship Therapist or attend Couples Counselling so that you can work through your issues with the help of an expert. 

Remember you and your partner are not alone in this journey. You have the support of your loved ones and us. We are here to provide help and guidance in any way possible! 

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