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Step 1 Title

What is your relationship status ?

Step 2 Title

How would you describe your relationship currently?

Step 3 Title

If you had to choose one area in which your relationship requires additional support, what would it be?

Step 4 Title

Do you think your needs and expectations from this relationship are being met ?

Step 5 Title

Do you think you are losing your individuality in this relationship?

Step 6 Title

I feel my partner is able to accomodate my interests and preferences.

Step 7 Title

I feel my partners respects my' lifestyle choices.

Step 8 Title

We always fight about the same thing over and over again.

Step 9 Title

I feel my partner fails to understands me during conflicts.

Step 10 Title

We are able to manage our emotions during conflicts.

Step 11 Title

We mutually invest in the growth of the relationship.

Step 12 Title

I feel sexually satisfied in my relationship.

Step 13 Title

We are not able to communicate effectively with each other.

Step 14 Title

I do not feel heard and understood by my partner.

Step 15 Title

Do you think that your personalities compliment each other?